Hello World  

My name is Bryn Faulkner.  I am an artist with an interest in Technology.  I own a small business (Brynian Creations) supplying all sorts of services including but not limited to; Sculpture, Graphic design, and airbrush tattoos.  I live in Southern California, and love it here.  I have lived minutes from the beach for most of my life.   

As a kid I had a tendency to take things apart and at least try to understand how they worked. And if I could, I would put them back together.  I always liked to draw, but didn't really get any teaching til my family moved to Laguna Beach.  Here I fell in love with the idea that I could create things.  For a While I thought I would be a cartoonist, then a comic artist.  About the age of 15 my world changed.  I discovered that I don't see the world in two dimensions.  I see it in Three.  I found, for me, it is much easier to create in three dimensions. (Sculpture)  So throughout high school I took ceramics.  

After high school I continued my educations At Saddleback College. There I took classes in printmaking, life drawing, 2d design, graphic arts, silk screening, airbrushing and, of course sculpting. (Both life sculpture and bronze casting.)  Specializing in fantasy based Bronze sculpture, my work is highly detailed, and ranges in size from 18"-2" sculpts.

As a departure from clay wax and bronze work, I dabble in other forms of art; Ranging from graphic design and the occasionaldrawing, or wood cut-out.  I also have a side business doing Airbrush Tattoos for birthday parties, and other special events.

I live my life, as most artist do, as it goes.  Though I am always looking to the future.  That is were the technology comes in.  Funny my life is a mix of some of the oldest technology, (my art)  and the new. (Anything and everything with a computer chip)

Currently I work at Oakley inc in the design department as the Rapid Prototype Technician.  I run three professional grade 3d printers. working closly with some very talented people: Engineers, designers, modelers, Cad modelers,  I get to learn 3d design programs like Modo, zbrush, and rhino, and work on some great projects.